Residential Painting Services

Residential Painting Services

Daycor Residential Painting Services

We offer painting and restoration services to residential and commercial properties owned by body corporate companies. And in order to ensure that our service is up to par with the industry standards of the body corporates, we use premium Dulux paints and prioritise efficiency in our work systems.

Although painting residential and commercial properties can be a messy, disruptive task, we communicate with our clients and inquire as to the best time to get the job done. We prioritise the speed of work and quality on every specialised project in order to avoid disruption of the day to day lives of employees, owners, and tenants.

Since most body corporate properties are large scale projects, we make sure to create a quick and efficient working strategy for our large team of painters to get the job done as fast as possible. We also update our clients during each stage of the project, so they know exactly what’s being done and when to expect the full result.

Daycor Painting Services has the skills and expertise to take on all body corporate projects, interior & exterior no matter the complexity or size.

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One of our expert painters will come and do a walkthrough of your property with you and identify what you want done. We can also offer you a free colour consultation.